Years 1 & 2

Meet 'n' Greet powerpoint 



Spring term 2 commences with all the fun of book week. We are exited to see all the wonderful costumes the children will wear on the first Monday back! They are having a brilliant first day back with workshops from a local story teller Michael O’Leary. During the week they will be creating stories based on wordless picture books which they will be excited to show you on the Friday of that week. The topic for next term is called ‘What on Earth’. It will be focusing on fantasy lands. During the first part of the term the children will read ‘The Lost Thing’ and create their own stories and fantasy lands for the ‘Thing’. The children will then use art and DT lessons to design and create 3D creations of the ‘Thing’ and it’s home. In other English lessons next term, the children will be looking at the story ‘Meercat Mail’ and writing stories about the travels of the meercat. PE lessons will teach multi-skills and orienteering games with Mr Plow. In science they will be studying animals and their habitats and classifying plants and flowers. We hope to be carrying out lots of fieldwork to support this unit. Finally the term will end by looking at the Easter story in RE and making some Easter cakes and bonnets in DT.